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Cloud Migration Activation

Enabling you to confidently migrate your application workloads to the cloud

Meet the Challenge of Migrating to the Cloud


Leonardo can help you digitise your business app workloads.

You need to:

  1. Digitise all operations to harness insights from key business data.

  2. Migrate application workloads without impacting business operations.

You are facing these problems:

  • Fragmented management of on premises / cloud enterprise applications.

  • High cost overhead in management / monitoring of infrastructure supporting business applications.



Leonardo can help you lead your migration journey

We perform a workload assessment to guide a targeted migration enablement tailored specifically to your needs - depending on where you are on your cloud migration journey.

Using our Cloud Migration Activation Framework, we lead the designing, planning, and implementation of a migration strategy that includes navigating potential co-funding options that could dramatically reduce the cost of your migration.

Leonardo's Cloud Migration Activation Framework

How we efficiently enable you to move workloads to the cloud



Leonardo Cloud Migration Activation

Activities of a migration activation:

  1. Pre-Discovery workshop (complimentary)
  2. Workload Assessment
  3. Governance Model
  4. Solution Architecture & Alignment
  5. Migration Roadmap 
  6. Technology & Platform Selection
  7. Migration Enablement Project Estimation
  8. Support and Operational Model
  9. Co-Funding Options*
  10. Provide additional Migration Technical
  11. Advisory as required

*Co-Funding Options are subject to the qualification process as defined by each individual Vendor.

Cloud migration cost overruns are mounting

Staying on budget and on schedule isn't easy...


Source: McKinsey ITaaS Survev, 2020-21

Scaled Cloud Migration Engagements

Projects scaled to suit your enterprise circumstances



Review and Confirm Migration Strategy




~4-6 Weeks


Assist in Completing Migration Strategy



~6-10 Weeks

Lead Migration Strategy Development



~8-14 Weeks

Benefits for your business

Why make the shift now to the cloud and how Leonardo helps


1. Improved Enterprise Security

Cloud migration alleviates businesses’ need to manage much of their infrastructure security. It also provides industrialised tooling that helps businesses to monitor and secure their systems.

Leonardo’s technology & platform selection advises the right tools  to harden your cloud security. 


2. Enhanced Automation & Scale

Scalability is one reason businesses opt to rearchitect applications when migrating. Breaking an app into smaller serverless allows each component to be scaled and replicated independently.

Leonardo helps architect your cloud platform to meet your scalability ambitions.


3. Modernisation for flexibility

The flexibility of cloud platforms allows businesses to respond to evolving market demands with modern apps. They can deploy and meet business demands quickly.

Leonardo’s roadmap helps inform the right managed services that make it easier to monitor system health and deploy new features. 


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Take control of your migration strategy.

Reach out to Leonardo to find out how our team can help you make the jump to the cloud to migration your application workloads