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Watch short preview of seminar below (5 minutes) from full-length seminar video (60+ minutes)

What you can expect to get from the video seminar

This seminar provides an introduction to the theory and practice of the 7Enablers of BPM. Viewers will be given an overview of each enabler and an overall understanding as to how they fit together. After watching this video, viewers will:

  • understand the theory and practice of the 7Enablers
  • see how the enablers separately, and all together, enhance performance
  • be ready to focus on what really matters – the creation, accumulation, and delivery of value to customers and other stakeholders.

What is the 7Enablers of BPM?

Using the seven enablers of BPM this paper describes process-based management and how it is achieved.

  1. Process Architecture
  2. Process Measurement
  3. Process Governance
  4. Process Change
  5. Process Mindset
  6. Process Capability
  7. Process Support.