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What you can expect to get from the video seminar

This seminar will provide insights into the key development and practices of process measurement, governance and change.  

Once your processes are documented in a process architecture, processes can be measured.  Once we have measures, we need the governance arrangements to define who should respond to the performance reports. Continuous process change is the cornerstone of process-based management.

The seminar gives an overview on how to begin:

  • defining  process performance measures and measurement methods (process measurement)
  • responding  to process performance  innovation opportunities and general process hygiene (process governance)
  • exploring ways to close process performance gaps by eliminating problems and capitalizing on opportunities (process change)

What is the 7Enablers of BPM?

Using the seven enablers of BPM this paper describes process-based management and how it is achieved.

  1. Process Architecture
  2. Process Measurement
  3. Process Governance
  4. Process Change
  5. Process Mindset
  6. Process Capability
  7. Process Support.