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What you can expect to get from the video seminar

This seminar will provide insights into the development and use of a business process architecture and how this forms the key artifact in the process-centric view of management. Roger discusses both the theoretical concepts and practical examples to illustrate an innovative, comprehensive, and effective approach to organization performance management.

The seminar examines:

  • the purpose and use of a process architecture
  • relationship between strategy and business processes
  • how business processes operationalize the strategy
  • improve the management of organizational performance
  • how to focus on what really matters—the creation, accumulation, and delivery of value (products and services) to customers and other stakeholders.

What is the 7Enablers of BPM?

Using the seven enablers of BPM this paper describes process-based management and how it is achieved.

  1. Process Architecture
  2. Process Measurement
  3. Process Governance
  4. Process Change
  5. Process Mindset
  6. Process Capability
  7. Process Support.