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The Big BPM Project Paper

Completion of the Big BPM Project marks the start of effective, sustained process-based management—and ultimately, and most importantly, realization of improved organizational performance. The organization chart shapes traditional management, yet we work across that chart to get things done. We manage in one direction (vertically) and work in another (horizontal). This must change. Such an undertaking may appear quite daunting. However, thoughtful use of the Big BPM Project reference model makes successful change possible. To achieve process-based management requires a significant transformation project—the Big BPM Project—to reimagine management focused on cross-functional business processes, i.e. operating across the organization chart.

This paper provides an overview of a project or, more correctly, a program of projects that will firmly establish an organization on the journey to process-based management.

  • Focusing on the enablers: the Tregear Circles and the 7Enablers framework shapes pragmatic, integrated work packages for a successful project.
  • Setting realistic expectations: the work required is done incrementally with no expectations that it can, or should, be completed quickly. Project timing is adjusted to suit the circumstances of the organization in focus.
  • Leveraging interdependencies: effective work on any enabler will have a positive effect on other enablers, thus accelerating overall development.
  • Getting the circles turning: as maturity develops across all enablers and the ‘circles start turning’, stability comes from the resulting momentum and self-supporting infrastructure.
  • Making it real: useful development work comes from process-improvement projects that focus on processes with real and current issues, problems, and opportunities.
  • Seeing the benefits: although a complete Big BPM Project may spread over many months, benefits will accrue from the start of, and throughout, the project.