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Moving from Strategy to Execution using Process-based Management

This paper discusses the pathway from strategy to execution and how this is most  effectively achieved from a process-based management perspective.

It begins by

  • illustrating the links between the development of strategy themes,
  • determining the organization’s  value propositions, and
  • documenting the highest levels of the business process architecture.
The use of 2 Virtuous Circles is then proposed for the ongoing management of the business processes that create, accumulate, and deliver value to an organisation’s customers and other stakeholders, and hence execute its strategy.

A fictive case study, the Whyte & Brite Laundry, is used to illustrate the process pathway to strategy execution. Practical advice is offered about the ongoing management of organisational performance with the 2 Virtuous Circles.

Download this paper to learn more about 2 Virtuous Circles of BPM and how you can put these into practice in your organisation.