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Using Processes-as-Microservices to Drive Better Customer Experiences

18 Book WebsiteA microservices architecture helps us avoid the technical debt incurred by customising a monolithic application.

It helps us deliver innovative and differentiating business value in days or weeks, not months.But adopting a microservices architecture isn’t without its challenges.

How do we manage complexity? How does it align with a “Buy, don’t build” philosophy?

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 This paper discusses:

  • The value of API-driven process automation, and how it can be extended to form the basis of a microservices architecture
  • The buy vs build dilemma - why choosing to "Buy" and then customising your packaged application can lead to grief 
  • How combining independently deployable code like microservices with CI/CD principles can reduce change times from months to days
  • How using business processes and business rules can simplify the development, orchestration, and maintenance of microservices