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Establishing a
Hybrid Multi Cloud Ready Enterprise Automation Capability

This paper discusses Leonardo and Red Hat's approach to establishing an Enterprise Automation Capability for Hybrid Multi-Cloud businesses.

The advent of Cloud Computing and its general commercial availability changes the landscape of our computing infrastructure.

With technological advancement in the data centre, the increasing speed and ubiquitousness of the Internet, many hyperscale Cloud Service Providers dominate the market.

The next wave of evolution will be the automation that brings together and builds on this new utility of Hybrid Multi Cloud Enterprise Automation. This evolution would inevitably change the way we work by how we automated the enterprise.

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This paper discussed the following topics:

  1. Cloud Driving Enterprise Change 2
  2. The Impact of COVID 
  3. Establishing a Hybrid Multi-Cloud Enterprise Automation Capability 
  4. Getting Business Value From an Enterprise Automation Approach 
  5. Leonardo’s Hybrid Multi-Cloud Enterprise Automation Value Pyramid
  6. Enterprise Automation Enablers 
  7. Establishing the Right Metrics for ROI 
  8. Reference Architecture 
  9. Customers Use Cases  


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